45, fine annnd FAVORED!!!

Bless the Lord oh my soul and ALLL that is within me! Bless His HOLY NAME! Thank you Father for 45 YEARS of being able to wake up every day with another chance to get it right!!! Thank you Father for the opportunity to be a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, a granddaughter, an aunt, a niece, a goddaughter, and a godmother! Thank for good health and strength! Oh God in these 45 years, you have allowed me to be a student, a teacher, a leader, a follower, a wife, a mother, a coparent, a business owner, a lover, an employer and an employee! God I thank you for EVERY opportunity. I thank you for every door you’ve opened and for those you’ve allowed to close!

As I begin the 45th year of living between my dash, God give me more of YOU! Show me daily how to live WITH and ON purpose!!! I thank you for protecting this fool and YOUR baby!!!

Facebook and IG….Twitter and LinkedIn….ONE TIME for the BIRTHDAY CHIC!!! 45 years of God’s grace, mercy and unmerited favor!!! Let the month long shenanigans, celebrations, and EPIC turn up BEGIN!!!! #45andfine #45andfavored #scorpioseason♏️ #November5thBABY #BirthdayBehavior #itsgoingdown #Godtakescareofbabiesandfools #birthdaygirl #45thbirthday #45looksgoodonme #letsgetit

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