Cut it AWAY!!!

People who know me personally know that I do my own hair on the alternative week that I’m away from Tameka Jones-Little …..Tonight, I decided out of nowhere that I wanted to get back to my pixie. In my opinion, short hair is bold, sassy, fierce and empowering!!! Sooooo I got busy cutting.

I looked at the hair on the paper towel and there was MINISTRY IN THAT…..Allow me to share with you what I saw….CUT AWAY ANYTHING that hinders your growth! Cut away anything that hinders your peace! Cut toxic people! Cut away anything emotionally draining! Cut away drama! Cut away bad company! Cut away negativity! Cut away anything that blocks your vision! Cut away anything that can be a distraction to your betterment!!! If “IT” doesn’t serve you OR edifies GOD…..CUT IT AWAY and get free!!! #Idid #GodcanuseANYTHINGtoministertous #getfree #youneedtocutit

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