Why I stroll!

Recognize the stroll I have when someone says, “I thought you were in a car wreck with back and neck pain…” My response is this….When my alarm clock beeped this morning, God opened my eyes! He allowed me to be conscious enough to recognize my swollen shoulders and feel the spasms in my back. My ears were working enough to hear my babies tell me about their pains in their backs. We choose to smile! We choose to praise! We choose to keep it moving! Alllllll because despite the driver who hit us being unapologetic, or the time I have had to miss from work, orrrr my car being at the collision shop for the next two weeks…..we WOKE up on THIS SIDE of the dirt!!! To GOD be the glory…..Sooooo watch me stroll!!! #TheDDCsBrand #boarddayslay #PraiseandWorship #morethanconquerers #trending #IamNYandCo #FashionJunkie #fashionblogger #branding #mompreneur #LouisVuitton #NewYorkandCompany #brandambassador #style #instyle #christianlouboutin #shoefiend

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