Goooood morning BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you watch GMA this morning!?! If you did, then you know Mary Kay’s Timewise system is being REPLACED with the BRAND NEW TIMEWISE 3D…. This new system now offers 4-in -1 (cleanses, tones, exfoliates AND brightens) cleanser!!! The day and night solution were replaced with a day and night moisturizer!!! Finally, an eye cream was added to this new system to reduce fine lines and wrinkles annnnd provide 12 HOUR coverage…..the BEST part is you will notice results in FOUR WEEKS as opposed to 12 with the old set!!!

Now…..HERE’S TODAY’S SALE…..get the cleanser and either moisturizer at regular price and get the second moisturizer for 1/2 off!!! Orrrr get the ENTIRE NEW TIMEWISE 3D SET for the price of the OLD TIMEWISE SET!!!! TODAY ONLY!!!!

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