Are those PINK Pants?

Hey there Loves! Alot of times people base their fashion choices on what others feel is socially acceptable. Think about this….”You can never lead from behind.” Everyone shouldn’t get an opinion on your attire.

Choose pieces in colors that compliment your skin tone.  The old adage, “black goes with everything” is true. If you’re wearing what you consider to be a daring color….add black! Whether its shoes and/or jacket. 

Buy your size clothing….Not too tight and skimpy. Not too big and slouchy. If you’re not happy with your size, let’s change it. BUT buy your size.  Make sure your makeup is not overpowering your outfit. Evvvvverything has to compliment each other to pull off a HAUTE power outfit. 
Want the pieces I’m wearing? I found them at New York and Company! Have questions? Talk to me! We’re in this THANG together. 

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