Women’s History Month

As we embark on Women’s History Month, I pause to salute every woman before me who dared to be a trailblazer. Thank you Queen for opening doors, marching, standing, and sitting!! I encourage every woman behind me to knock down doors of opportunity. Speak confidently! Articulate your feelings. Show compassion. Dream in color. Live with and on purpose. Open businesses. Hire, encourage and mentor other women. Make a difference.

As a business owner, mother, aunt, teacher, mentor, public speaker and church leader, I have been entrusted with an enormous responsibility to pour into the lives of many young girls and women. A small portion of the women they will become rests solely on my shoulders with every interaction. I do not take that lightly. I only hope the impact I have/had is a positive one. I pray SOMETHING I said/did planted a seed or nurtured a dream. It melts my heart to see all the great things they accomplish and the AHHHH-MAZING ways they too help other women.

This month and in the months to come. Be intentional about uplifting other women. Offer a prayer.  Support women owned businesses. Fix her crown. Wipe her tears. Be her shoulder. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, If you can’t cheer on your sister, don’t be a hindrance to her success!!! After all……THE FUTURE IS FEMALE!!! http://www.DDCsDesignFinds.com #womenhistorymonth #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen #changemakers #trailblazers #leadership #queens #thefutureisfemale #ddcsdesignfinds #onlineboutiques #mompreneur #womenentrepreneurs

MY Black History

What other way can I recognize an AHHHH-MAZING end to Black History month than to salute and pay homage to my mother, Olevia Washington. Mom was the FIRST BLACK to EARN her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Northeast Louisiana University! Libby (as my daddy called her), you ARE the epitome of class, intelligence, perseverance, style and grace!! If I turn out to be HALF the woman you are, I’ll be doing awesome! Phenomenal woman….PHENOMENALLY!!! #blackexcellence #mylegacyisrich #mybestfriendismySHERO

Almost THREE years old!

The launch of my boutique was truly a faith LEAP from my comfort zone! Here we are coming up to my THIRD anniversary!!! I’m learning so much and my business is better because of it. Thank God for small victories, more profit than last year, and steady growth.

None of it works without customers….. so THANK YOU!!

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Thank you God!

Thank you God for insight. Thank you for clarity when things are confusing and foggy. Thank you for revelation when I need answers. I am grateful that you calm me and still me so I can hear you in the early morning hours. Lord, thank you for always knowing what I need when I need it.

HAPPPPPPY MONDAY Folks! Let’s make it a productive week! Let’s get it!!#quiettimewithgod  #riseandgrind #beintentional

Just DO IT!!!

Lisstteeennnn!!! I don’t know who needs to hear or read this but I loooved it!!! I stole these from two of my good friends and just HAD TO SHARE!! People, we miss 100% of the shots we never take!!! Have faith and DO IT!! Start the business! Apply for the job! Make the investment! Place the phone call…..DO IT! ANNNNNND from Bible Study last night, do it with your WHOLE HEART! WooooooWEEEE what a word!!! #faithwithoutworksisdead #youwillalwaysfailifyounevertry #dontbeSKERD