Happy 2018!!!!



Hello Friends! I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing, but the journey is going to BE GREAT! Are we enter 2018, I am excited about allll that God is going to do in this year! I move forward with great expectation and utter excitement.

Stay tuned as I post more frequently and provide fashion and style content you will find helpful…….and if it’s not, TALK to me and ASK for what you want to see!!! We’re growing together!

DDCs Designs is rolling and your sneak peek at the first group of shirts is on the way!!! I am sooooo EXCITED!!! Keep coming back for details regarding the Brand Launch and online store!!!

Let’s take 2018 by storm! God is flying this plane, I am just along for the ride!!!!


20171125_155642Hello and welcome! My name is Daphne Washington-Crosby. I am a 43 year old  lover of God, single mother of two handsome princes, and an entrepreneur…..or as I’d like to call it….a Mompreneur! Fashion and Style has become my life! I work hard to look and feel good both mentally and physically. It has now become my personal mission to make sure other women do too. I believe when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, your energy is contagious and you become UNSTOPPABLE! Here we can grow and glow together!

Allow me to introduce you to DDCs Design Finds and give you a front row seat to the launch of THE DDCs BRAND! Join me here as I share with you fashion, style finds and all things Mary Kay!!! Dialog with me on the latest styles and the goings on in the fashion world!

Keep coming back and hang on for an awesome ride! God is flying this PLANE….I will be honored to have you along for the ride! Let’s GET IT!!!